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A transformation of Australia’s largest multimodal service provider required a rebrand across its entire fleet and built environment.

Diadem was the brand guardian from research to rollout, with a rebrand driven by sustainability at every stage.



Team Global Express

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A new brand
for a logistics leader

Team Global Express is a $3.75B logistics solutions company and Australia’s largest multimodal service provider working across rail, sea, air and road. Following its sale and separation from the parent company, Toll, the company was renamed and rebranded.

Repositioning the new brand allowed the business to shift to a more customer-centric focus and take on the mission of setting a new sustainability standard in logistics.

A rebrand of a company at this scale required a highly strategic approach by Diadem, and one which sought out opportunities to embed circular economy thinking wherever possible.

The Team Global Express rebrand was recognised with a Distinction in the Rebrand Global 100 awards.

2024 Rebrand 100

and strategy

To begin, Diadem needed to quantify the scope across Team Global Express’ extensive properties, fleet, ships, aircraft, shipping containers and supporting assets in both Australia and New Zealand. A comprehensive strategy was then created to set out the project’s budget, timeframe, opportunities, and risks.

This research phase was critical to repositioning Team Global Express as sites transitioned to being more public-facing. This led to rethinking the customer experience within each site, and enhancing signage wherever possible.

Diadem’s strategy also highlighted the values and leadership of Team Global Express, building a brand anchored in the passionate experiences of its people: staff, customers and communities.

A rebrand

With the new brand developed, Diadem was engaged to develop signage guidelines and industrial design for Team Global Express’ assets. This involved both procurement, implementation and contractor management to ensure the integrity of the new brand was upheld.

Diadem designed a workable signage suite to meet rebrand requirements that considered not only budgets and timeframes but also how to reduce carbon and waste best.

This included using adaptable solutions, allowing Team Global Express to update branded assets at reduced costs and be flexible for one-off events.

A rebrand

Diadem oversaw the rollout of the rebrand across Team Global Express’ road fleet, containers, supporting assets, logistics centres and built environment. This involved everything from reviewing and approving contractor shop drawings to ensuring compliance.

Recognising that some vehicles in the fleet were closer to the end of their life than others, a tiered approach was created for rebranding, which minimised costs, with more investment being given to vehicles with a longer life. Diadem also considered end-of-life and decommissioning costs, which, given the size of the fleet, is significant.

Diadem’s fleet signage suite was also adaptable to Team Global Express’ diverse range of vehicles. To overcome the lack of national contractor capacity, a scheme was developed that allowed staff to play a major role in rebranding vehicles during services.


Diadem used its Embodied Carbon Calculator to model the impact of updating some assets and repurposing or recycling others. Diadem worked with the Team Global Express to minimise energy and landfill at every stage – from raw materials to manufacturing, installation, and disposal.

By measuring and reducing the embodied CO2 wherever possible and considering new uses for old assets, Team Global Express was able to demonstrate its commitment to sustainability.

Through retrofitting the property signage, Diadem was able to save 124 tonnes of embodied carbon. This represents a 36% reduction.


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