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The royal treatment
for a rebrand rollout

Rolling out the rebrand of Storage King sites in New Zealand has led to the development of new brand guidelines, and an update of key sites across Australia.

Diadem has brought brand consistency to more Storage King locations across the Tasman.


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From consultant
to custodian

With a trusted local supplier network in place across New Zealand, Diadem was a natural choice to deliver the Storage King rebrand across its nationwide locations.

During this process, Diadem enhanced the new brand’s direction in the physical environment. Removing excessive elements and evolving the brand led to a commission to develop a comprehensive set of brand guidelines and standards. This has since served as a benchmark for subsequent locations.

As an ad-hoc brand advisor to Storage King, Diadem was also able to uphold consistency in the rollout of branding and wayfinding for key sites in Australia.

on-site branding

Storage King is one of the most successful and recognised storage solution providers. Each of its locations is unique in size and scale, providing a challenge for ensuring consistency in both branding and customer experience.

As well as signage and wayfinding, Diadem has overseen façade treatments, traffic engineering, line marking, bollards and full-site cleaning and painting of exteriors. Inside, the new brand direction was applied to various customer and staff experience areas ranging from walls, flooring, ceilings and feature walls to kitchenettes and new service counters.

The purpose of the rebrand was to increase staff satisfaction and enhance customer engagement. Diadem’s integrated services ensured this was fully realised in the built environment.

A safe
pair of hands

Signage Production Guidelines developed by Diadem provide clear direction on the design, placement manufacturing and installation of signage across sites.

 These guidelines include brand elements – such as when to use the primary stacked logo lock-up with or without the crown, as well as the single wordmark and the descriptor line.

A guide to wayfinding is also critical given the high amount of vehicle and pedestrian traffic into and around each location. Directional signage, colour systems and finishes ensure the customer experience of Storage King is as positive and memorable as its brand.

“Diadem were terrific. They understood our needs and the purpose of rebranding Storage King. In the peak of covid restrictions, they could hit the ground running in New Zealand, challenging some of the branding decisions and helping elevate our brand even further. Whilst still delivering our project on budget and on time without skipping a beat.”

  • Karl Howard, Associate Executive Assets and Projects | Abacus Group


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