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Shaping the
spirit of Australia

When Qantas needed to roll out its refined new brand in key locations worldwide, they turned to Diadem – a partner with a trusted global supply network and extensive airport experience.

Diadem took on the head contractor role to roll out Qantas’ new brand at key locations across Australia and around the world. Diadem’s international contractor and supply network delivered all works to the highest standard.



Evolving the
flying kangaroo

Qantas is a truly iconic Australian brand. Since its foundation in 1920, the flying kangaroo has adorned countless jet tails around the world. The airline has evolved over the years, today flying to 85 destinations worldwide, including high-traffic international destinations such as Singapore, Dubai and Los Angeles.

In 2016, Qantas undertook a rebrand, prompted by the Boeing 787 Dreamliner’s introduction. The new refined look and feel would need to be applied consistently across many physical touchpoints alongside the airlines themselves including terminal signage, lounges, check-in facilities, hangars and freight equipment.

Qantas engaged Diadem to deliver.

Meeting unexpected

Upon becoming the head contractor, having taken over from the incumbent, Diadem discovered numerous flaws within the project tender. The new team needed to undertake the time-intensive process of reworking the guidelines and material finishes before beginning implementation.

Diadem corrected the incumbent’s work in six months before going to manufacture. A mass roll-out of smaller-scale Qantas touchpoints in the ensuing three months followed, and although time was at a premium, quality never suffered. Work on lounges, hangars, freight assets and other more substantial touchpoints followed.

The value
of experience

When it comes to implementation, safety is always critical. However, this was especially true for the Qantas project. Diadem needed to navigate the multiple hazards airports present, from pedestrian entry right through to the tarmac.

These hazards included moving the giant Airbus A380, working around vehicles, working with changing weather, and even negotiating with a swooping stubborn eagle that had made one hangar its home.

With its extensive airport experience, Diadem was able to navigate these challenges and the multitude of each location’s regulations, security and OH&S requirements.

project management

This large-scale project called for a traditional style of project management, one where more was needed from the leadership team than merely directing traffic from behind a screen.

Diadem recognised this and as a result, based itself on the ground at respective airports. Having gained all the necessary site accreditation, Diadem problem-solved and liaised with trade teams, often five or more on-site.

Following the implementation, auditing was completed. Throughout, Diadem could source the best possible contractors from its growing database of international contacts to ensure the new Qantas brand was consistently executed at the highest standard.


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