When Telecom NZ became Spark, its ambitious rebrand included transforming 25 retail sites overnight. Diadem accepted the challenge.

To execute this multi-site project, Diadem conducted site audits, documented the design, provided a kit of parts, oversaw the tender and procurement, and managed implementation.



a brand

The well-established brand Telecom wanted to transform its business away from telephones and landlines. This led to a new name (Spark), an expanded offering and a new in-store brand experience.

For this, Spark required a partner to think creatively and strategically. Diadem was chosen to provide an unbiased approach to the transition as it moved from creative to operational departments.

With its integrated services model and long experience working on multi-site rebrand projects, Diadem’s track record showed it could ensure efficiency, quality and brand consistency.

An “overnight”

The in-store experience would reflect the rebrand in the most prominent way.

With a tight timeline to execute, Diadem designed and managed the transformation of 25 key retail sites nationwide for the hard launch. The cold winter made overnight operations difficult, as did the window of operation, which was limited to 6 pm to 8 am.

Following this successful operation, Diadem transformed the brand’s remaining 63 sites across New Zealand over four weeks.

The rebrand had the intended positive impact on Spark’s reputation, as well as increased foot traffic and earnings in the transformed stores.


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