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Diadem’s relationship with Australia Post is broad, covering retail signage at its many mail and parcel distribution centres.

Partnering with Diadem has delivered significant cost savings by taking a consistent approach to signage.


Australia Post



Partnering with
a national icon

Australia Post has been the country’s primary mail service since 1975. It is an Australian government business enterprise that includes administration, distribution, company-owned retail and franchise retail.

Diadem’s engagement included retail signage at several mail and parcel distribution centres.

A focus on
the customer

Diadem undertook extensive assessments at distribution centres of existing signage and messaging. When it came to retail, Diadem analysed the user journey from site arrival through to departure.

Diadem’s findings were a significant component of a lack of consistency across stores and the need to bring those into line. The respective contexts of stores were also carefully considered.

Rolling out
a new brand

When Australia Post rolled out its new brand, Diadem worked alongside creative agency MAUD throughout the process to provide direction on how the brand kit would be applied in the built environment – and deliver this across Australia Post’s 4,000-plus retail, commercial and industrial buildings.

Particularly with the retail sites, the new branding is about more than just signage. The focus was on upgrading the entire store to elevate the user experience and reflecting the personality of different towns and cities.


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