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Aged care sites need to be easily navigated by residents, visitors and emergency services. Diadem worked with Uniting to make this happen across its 300+ sites.

Diadem was engaged by Uniting Aged Care over a four year period to assist with a signage strategy and rollout for its sites and vehicles across New South Wales and the ACT.


Uniting Aged Care

Strategy for
a rebrand

Uniting is one of Australia’s largest not-for-profit community services offering aged care, independent living, early learning, chaplaincy and more at around 300 New South Wales and ACT locations. Its residents and staff have very specific needs, and well thoughtout signage can play a key role in optimising their experience and keeping them safe.

Uniting adopted a new brand and positioning to better communicate the breadth of its support to people and communities. Research had revealed that if people knew about Uniting at all, it was limited to one or two local services. Since undertaking the brand implementation, recognition is now on the rise.

Part of this is due to Diadem’s work across Uniting’s built environment through a range of advisory, design and project management services.

Clear, inclusive
and safe

After rebranding, Uniting engaged Diadem to apply its bold new brand to signage across its sites and vehicles. Each location’s messaging needed to be consistent with online information, and be able to assist emergency services in the event they were called to the site.

For this major project, staff engagement formed the cornerstone of Diadem’s response. Diadem liaised with and built trust with Uniting staff from the beginning to understand what was important to them. This informed everything from the wayfinding strategy to the rollout of external and internal signage.

The trust built with Uniting was reflected in the approvals process with minimal tweaks required. Diadem’s extensive contractor network also ensured delivering the signage to each site was a smooth process.

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Why authenticity matters for brands in the built environment

A brand
on the move

A major component of the Uniting rebrand was wrapping some 260 vehicles. These vehicles are a vital part of Uniting’s operation at every site, as they are responsible for carrying residents to excursions.

In some cases, the vehicles act as ambulances, so it was not an option to leave any site without a vehicle while the fresh brand was applied. Diadem identified which Uniting sites operated with a lone vehicle and made sure that while they were being wrapped with the new brand a replacement was available.

Diadem worked for around six months to match the brand’s colour for the vehicles, eventually finding a solution with Dulux which would solidify the new magenta tone to best represent Uniting on the road.

“I not only have confidence that we will get a professional outcome which is fit for purpose, but also that through Diadem’s approach and delivery they will assist us to bring the Uniting brand strategy to life through the development and delivery of a strong brand presence across all Uniting owned assets.”

  • Wilma Robinson – Project Manager Brand, Uniting


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