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Diadem has been a trusted partner of NEXTDC since 2013, working as brand guardian for the built environment in data centres across Australia.

Diadem upholds the integrity of the NEXTDC brand and advocates for how customers will use its spaces.




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NEXTDC is an ASX200-listed technology company that enables business transformation through data centre outsourcing solutions, connectivity services and infrastructure management software.

As Australia’s fastest-growing technology company, NEXTDC facilitates the next generation of IT services, hosting the nation’s leading technology providers’ infrastructure and supporting some of the world’s largest cloud platforms.

For its expanding national network of sites, NEXTDC has entrusted Diadem to ensure its signage and wayfinding correctly reflect its brand promise in the built environment.


Diadem has been working with NEXTDC since 2013 when its advisory team was engaged for signage and brand applications for the Macquarie Park site, known as S1.

Diadem has since been the lead signage and wayfinding advisor for new data centre facilities in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide and Darwin.

Designs draw on Diadem’s NEXTDC branding standard guidelines, ensuring brand consistency regardless of each project’s team of architects, builders and project managers.

Design for the
home of data

Cloud data storage is an industry experiencing unprecedented growth to support the AI revolution. The global cloud storage market is projected to grow from $108.69 billion in 2023 to $472.47 billion by 2030.

Historically, data centres have not been user-friendly places and, similar to hospitals, they can be difficult to navigate with long, identical-looking corridors. Diadem has supported NEXTDC in making its data centres more user-centric through clearer navigation.

In addition to improved wayfinding, Diadem’s multidisciplinary capability allows the team to advise NEXTDC on external signage, including complex technical and engineering solutions.


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