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As Citibank continues to expand its footprint in Asia, it has partnered with Diadem to deliver façades and sky signs that stand apart.

Diadem’s approach to global implementation and long relationship with Citi across the region has provided a strong foundation for implementing new facades and signage worldwide, ensuring strict quality and supply chain standards at a global scale.


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Diadem’s global implementation experience gave Citibank an ideal partner to design and deliver the new façade, which would “fade to grey” and animate as the viewer moved by without moving parts.

Diadem’s integrated services model ensured the building met the brand’s requirements through a simple, subtle, and inexpensive solution that took advantage of the surrounding area’s opportunities, combined with a colour palette that interpreted the Citi blue wave.

In addition, City engaged Diadem to deliver sky signs, low-level signs and interior signage in cooperation with local planners and the chosen interior designer, Hola Projects.

A new address in
the heart of Manila

Bonifacio Global City (known as BGC) is in the commercial heart of the Philippines’ bustling city of Manila. Citibank was in the process of relocating its head office to the very centre of BGC. Working with developer PRI (W Group) and project managers JCL International, the office would take shape for a grand opening in 2017.

The new building needed to be more than just a glass box; it needed to embrace the Citi brand and respond to the dynamic world that surrounded it.

Taking a cue from Citibank’s brand purpose – progress – the new façade would appear dynamic through an expression of movement.

A new face
for Seoul

South Korea’s glamourous Cheongdam-dong street is part of Seoul’s famous Gangnam precinct – a mecca for luxury brands such as Prada, Burberry and Vera Wang.

Set among this luxurious strip is a small, old, brown brick building owned by Citibank. This was the ideal opportunity to present the brand to the city’s growing population of wealthy young professionals. The new location would need to embody the street’s style and sophistication through clean lines, minimalist design and crafted branding.

To achieve this, Diadem was engaged to assist Citibank with the façade design. Working with Citibank’s local, regional and global stakeholders ensured stewardship of the Citibank brand.

The design accentuates the height of the building using vertical lines. Stone and patterning continue from the roof to the pavement to visually “extend” the building’s height. The five-level architectural footprint is reimagined as design detail in a grid pattern, embellished with vertical blades across the entire façade. Each blade varies in dimension, set in and out from the façade in an alternate grid pattern to the footprint underneath. This creates movement, interest and a presence that draws the eye to the brand above.

Branding two buildings
in Hong Kong

Hong Kong’s One Bay East project is an office development based at the old Kai Tak Airport site. Citibank was among the first brands to take the leap of faith here by purchasing one of two identical 21-storey buildings in 2014.

Citibank engaged Diadem to optimise its brand at the building where legibility and visibility were vital. Diadem undertook an extensive analysis of branding opportunities the building presented, including architectural lighting.

Building on the extensive work undertaken at the site, Diadem was also engaged to brand the twin building for Manulife Property.

Giving both of these buildings a world-class presence has improved the precinct. Several other major brands have subsequently joined the pioneering Citibank and Manulife Property in this rapidly growing area.

“It was a tough long journey, with the great team work, finally we made it. I and my Citi leadership team are very happy with the result, really  impressive by you for your professional knowledge and rich experience for the signage installation, which is imperative to the success of the project.”

  • Michael Qiao – Asset Manager for China CRS, Citi


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