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Five ferry wharves, 49 train stations and 28,000 bus stops make up Wellington’s public transport network – with wayfinding by Diadem to make every journey easy.

Diadem completed a wayfinding strategy, concept design, design development, documentation, rollout and cost-of-change strategy for Wellington Metlink’s bus, train and ferry services. A train station pilot site was also designed and documented.


Wellington Metlink

Greater Wellington Regional Council

New Zealand Transport Agency

An integrated
transport system

Metlink is Wellington’s public transport network with services across four rail lines, over 100 bus routes, more than 200 school bus services and five harbour ferry stops.

Greater Wellington Regional Council (GWRC) works in partnership with the New Zealand Transport Agency to plan and fund the network. They contract operators to provide most of these services, catering to more than 36 million journeys each year.

With a commitment to constant improvement, an information signage strategy was developed to offer a “simple, easy-to-understand service that goes where people want to go”.

A user-led
and holistic strategy

Diadem was engaged to deliver a cost-effective strategy that would be easy to install, update, withstand the test of time, and above all, be user friendly.

The strategy needed to both improve the network’s productivity and the experience of every passenger. This required a comprehensive review, critical observations and practical recommendations.

The strategy provided Wellington Metlink with a complete solution focused on customer-driven innovation and a whole-of-project lifecycle. The strategy also delivered network-wide synergy across bus stops, train stations and ferry port wayfinding systems.

“We immersed ourselves in the Metlink passenger experience – what did it feel like to be a Metlink customer interchanging between modes of transport? We wanted to identify user needs and develop a consistent solution”

  • Brian Anderson, General Manager NZ, Diadem

and rollouts

Diadem’s strategy delivered many recommendations for more efficient signage, such as giving route numbers and destinations prominence on signs according to probable viewing heights.

The signage colour palette took its cues from Metlink’s brand colours of navy blue, green and white, and the circular brand language inspired the signs’ form.

Diadem’s knowledge of manufacture during the design process ensured the conceptualisation of a solution that could be efficiently manufactured at scale.

Diadem devised an implementation plan to be carried out by GRWC’s own supply network. A highly collaborative relationship ensured seamless communication with stakeholders and a positive outcome for all.

long-term value

Following Diadem’s strategy and the rollout, overall customer satisfaction with the network was 92%.

Diadem’s approach not only delivered a user-focused solution today; it was created to ensure Metlink could alter its signage efficiently in the future.

Part of the cost-of-change strategy includes interchangeable panels which can be easily replaced accordingly when information changes. This ensures the entire directory does not need to be remade, saving substantial costs.


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