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From city-wide audit to city-wide rollout, Diadem’s holistic strategy improved 8,000 bus stops, 4,000 tram stops and 350 train stations for the long term.

This multi-site rebrand and wayfinding signage installation included an audit of all existing locations, hubs, intersections and crossover points; a strategy for improved legibility; and site plans, elevations and construction documentation for the rollout.


Metlink Victoria

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Metlink Melbourne was the umbrella brand for the city’s train, tram and bus networks before Public Transport Victoria superseded it in 2012. Despite its unified purpose, Metlink’s network-wide wayfinding suite was somewhat fragmented between modes of transport.

Metlink engaged Diadem to oversee its multi-site rebrand – covering 28,000 bus stops, 4,000 tram stops, 350 train stations and some 80,000 signs overall. The goal was to strengthen interconnectedness between transport forms and simplify the customer journey.

A city-wide

The objective was clear: improve legibility and interconnectedness between the different modes of transport.

Diadem was selected to carry out the site audit, assessment, documentation, signage prototyping, construction management, materials research and industrial design of this project.

Diadem comprehensively assessed the current wayfinding system, considering how different services and programs related to one another. The new strategy was then able to consider locations, signage hierarchies and legibility.

A long-term

Diadem’s signage strategy was carefully considered to deliver long-term future cost savings.

Materials research and prototyping produced an enamelled solution that is highly resistant to graffiti and easily cleaned, delivering a long-term cost-effective solution.

A panelled system so that location information could remain, with the logos only having to be replaced with rebranding, rather than the more expensive option of replacing an entire sign.

“Diadem is a professional organisation, and more than capable of providing services to organisations with similar signage rollout requirements as Metlink has had.”

  • Tim Chamberland, Manager, Signage and Wayfinding Projects, Metlink Victoria Pty Ltd


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