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Diadem and Toyota enjoy a multifaceted and ongoing partnership, ensuring the trusted brand is consistently expressed across a growing network.

Through site assessments, procurement strategies, head office signage and many other streams, Diadem is an active custodian of Toyota’s brand in the built environment.


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The Toyota brand is synonymous with trust, reliability and innovation. As an ongoing partner of Toyota, Diadem ensures these qualities are expressed across the network – from traditional car yards to new experience centres and corporate offices.

This collaboration has extended beyond conventional client-vendor relationships to ensure Toyota’s brand resonates at every touchpoint. When a guest walks into a Toyota dealership through a signature red archway, their experience with the brand is enhanced through the built environment.

A complete

Ensuring brand consistency day-to-day includes reviewing and documenting dealerships across Australia. This ranges from site assessments to advising on facility layouts, architectural concepts, finishes and signage.

For this critical stream of the partnership, Diadem builds on the brand shift legacy created by Houston Group to ensure the brand is correctly translated within the built environment.

Diadem’s design studio translates concepts into practical, cost-effective manufacturing solutions aligned with Toyota’s brand through prototyping and Australian procurement strategies.

Writing a
new manual

Reviewing and documenting each dealership is conducted following the TMCA START Manual. These are the comprehensive guidelines governing the customer experience and franchise agreement across all Toyota facilities.

Diadem subsequently updated these guidelines for applying the Toyota brand in the built environment across Australia.

The manual includes everything from site acquisition and layout to architectural detailing, finishes, signage and even line marking.

the car yard

Diadem has been engaged to oversee new applications of the Toyota brand to spaces beyond traditional dealerships, such as bespoke signage and environmental activations in the Altona Centre of Excellence. What was once an assembly line for vehicles is now an R&D space, with an exhibition that tells the remarkable story of Toyota in Australia, including cars from days long gone.

Diadem has also been engaged to bring the brand within the built environment of Toyota’s own corporate offices in Sydney and Melbourne.

Whatever the space, as the automotive industry continues to evolve, Diadem ensures the Toyota brand continues to be a trusted presence on the Australian landscape.

“Going forward, the Centre of Excellence will be used to help promote the future of mobility and connected technology for Toyota.”

  • Toyota Motor Corporation Australia


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