Driving upgrades
for every dealership

As well as improving customer and staff experiences, Diadem’s work with Ford has significantly reduced costs for dealership new fitout in line with global standards.

Diadem sourced local suppliers, saving significant project costs.


Ford Australia

A dealer-wide

The introduction of a Dealer network-wide brand upgrade was designed to be delivered over a four-year period, however, due to product delivery delays and the effects of the pandemic this was extended to a seven-year period.

Understanding that Dealerships are at the brand’s frontline, Ford Australia’s mission was to create a vibrant, innovative and engaging customer experience at every touchpoint.

Diadem’s focus was collaborating with the Dealers and their construction teams to ensure works were carried out to the correct standard.


Working with the Ford Australia’s Network Development Team, and each Dealer’s construction team, Diadem took on the task of program management for 230 sites across the Ford Australia Dealer network. This allowed each dealer to have one point of contact for the upgrade.

The design is a Ford global standard, which is being rolled out in Dealerships worldwide. This has seen Diadem work outside its usual role with a focus on program management; specifically product delivery and aligning construction timeframes.

on the ground

Diadem brought a practical approach to the project, drawing on its combined experience across organisational skills, design sensibilities and construction.

From individual site visits, to liaising with Ford, and providing final inspection and compliance assessments, this has been a major refurbishment program delivered by Diadem.


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