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Diadem has been Melbourne Airport’s preferred signage consultant since the early 2000s, trusted to enhance the journeys of everyone who passes through.

This ongoing relationship taps into all of Diadem’s resources and skills, with services ranging from reviewing user experiences to signage design and efficient implementation.


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A trusted

Some 37.4 million passengers pass through Melbourne Airport every year. As such, it is constantly seeking ways to expand and improve its overall traveller experience.

Diadem has provided a wide range of expert wayfinding consultancy and construction management services for both the airport and its surrounding car parks and business parks.

This long-term and trusted relationship are built on a mutual understanding of the value of sound design and the importance of the user experience.

An evolving

With so many facilities, an airport environment can be complex and is constantly evolving. Diadem’s signage guidelines ensure its wayfinding suite keeps pace with change.

The use of highly legible typefaces, pictograms and multi-lingual messaging enables an intuitive, inclusive journey for all, with a focus on a significant number of first-time visitors.

Diadem’s signage work can be seen across the airport’s domestic and international terminals, including the most recent T4 terminal, as well as car parks and the business park precinct.

and consistency

The airport’s various operational and business drivers demand a synergistic and collaborative approach. Diadem is often working and consulting with a wide and varied range of stakeholders, both inside and outside the airport.

Diadem has provided an integrated overview of the various components of the airport to enable the recommendation of a consistent visual and communications language.

This has included extensive user experience reviews, detailed documentation, updated signage standards and comprehensive kit-of-parts guidelines.

“Melbourne Airport considers effective wayfinding a vital component of an excellent airport experience. The Diadem team has made a significant contribution to further enhancing our customer journey by delivering a strategic perspective on effective, efficient and innovative signage and wayfinding solutions.

The team has helped us adopt a consistent and integrated approach to wayfinding, tailored to the unique requirements of different airport users and spanning the entire customer journey from flight booking through to aircraft departure.

Along this journey, Diadem has identified several opportunities for creating a seamless and future proof airport experience.”

  • Bjorn Hassett – Manager, Strategy & Planning,  Melbourne Airport


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