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Enhancing the

As a trusted advisor of Adelaide Airport, we’ve helped to streamline the experience for visitors and staff.

Diadem’s ongoing relationship with Adelaide Airport has included reviews and recommendations around signage, wayfinding, placemaking and digital solutions to improve the passenger journey.


Adelaide Airport Limited

Improving the
passenger journey

In 2018, around 8.4 million visitors moved through Adelaide Airport. That number continues to increase, and as it does so, the airport continues to expand. Ahead of a major re-development, Adelaide Airport engaged Diadem to assess and give clarity to the user journey from entry through to international and domestic departures.

As with all of Diadem’s work in airports, the overarching goal is to ensure a user’s navigation experience with minimal anxiety in what can be a stressful environment.

Digital solutions
for departures

Some of its gates are ‘swing gates’, which alternate between international and domestic routes. After undergoing a critical assessment of the terminal, Diadem devised a digital solution. This meant Adelaide Airport could easily tailor sign messaging on a situational basis depending on user journeys.

Improving the
departure experience

Adelaide Airport has also sought to improve the user experience visually and make itself more social media friendly. Diadem has proposed several placemaking devices. These include sun-like spheres, rising and falling, symbolising departure and arrival and a large overhead digital screen celebrating truly South Australian imagery.

“A positive wayfinding experience is critical to the overall customer experience at Adelaide Airport.

As part of the design phase of our current Terminal Expansion Project, the Diadem team were engaged to help Adelaide Airport develop a new and improved wayfinding and signage strategy unique to our airport passenger journey. An integrated approach to the strategy development and signage design ensured alignment between new spaces delivered as part of the expansion project and the existing terminal spaces. Consistency was a very important factor for us to ensure a calm, intuitive and seamless experience for our customers.

The Diadem team invested in thoroughly understanding our customers’ needs and how our customers use our environment. Diadem’s collaborative approach and broad experience ensured high-quality outcomes which are consistent with the Adelaide Airport Brand and which have led to an amazing new look to our signage in the terminal which has received very positive feedback.”

  • Amy Mitchell, Airport Optimisation Manager | Adelaide Airport


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