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an entrance

By reinvigorating the entry experience of this A-grade commercial tower with digital screens and dynamic content, Diadem has added value to this prime CBD property.

Diadem’s approach was to consider this project holistically. The integration of architectural spaces, digital screens and dynamic content creation was conceived as one.



Video artists

Isamu Sawa & Jake Reeder

a modern foyer

Dexus is a major Australian real estate investment trust responsible for an extensive portfolio across office, industrial and healthcare properties. 180 Lonsdale is one of its significant A-grade commercial towers in Melbourne’s CBD.

Diadem was engaged to help increase dwell time and attract new tenants by reinvigorating the foyer. This was achieved through digital activation on a large scale, transforming the foyer into a place of wonder, delight and engagement.

The result is a place where typically transient users can linger, be entranced, and experience calm among the city’s hustle. At the same time, opening the ground floor to arts and culture has created more value in the building levels above.

A micro-world
on the big screen

What makes an internal digital screen successful is integrating with the architecture, and the content on that screen.

In this case, the screens were installed on angled foyer walls, inspiring the ‘fold’ concept. The moving images above and below this fold line mirror each other, referencing Rorschach images. The colour palette of the digital content sits well in the monochromatic spaces.

Diadem commissioned the duo of photographer/director Isamu Sawa and cinematographer Jake Reeder to create bespoke video content for this project.

Over a mesmerising 15-minute loop, the video uses subtle movement and intricate detail to create an immersive experience without being overwhelming.

The video explores botanicals, water and ice to imagine a micro-world that viewers can contemplate and observe. Anyone moving through or waiting in the space now sees natural forms that go unnoticed every day, close-up and on a large scale.

An enveloping

The placement of the screens was critical to creating an immersive experience. To do this, Diadem considered the existing space and explored different configurations of screens to best optimise the space.

The larger-than-life dimensions of the two screens are 3000 x 6000mm and 9500 x 6000mm.

“With this digital installation, we aimed to provide the viewer with a privileged position – to sit, contemplate, and observe… We followed a loose concept: always using water, often combined with botanicals. We played with temperature, texture and flotation to create fascinating and unexpected insights into a micro-world.”

  • Isamu Sawa, Photographer – Isamu Sawa Photography


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