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For over ten years, Diadem has worked with Taronga Zoo to ensure every visitor gets the most out of their experience with the animal kingdom.

Diadem’s integrated design and construction services have delivered wayfinding strategies, documentation and construction management.


Taronga Conservation Society Australia

A trusted

Taronga Zoo is one of Australia’s most loved tourist attractions. Working with the zoo’s internal design department, architects and branding agents, Diadem has delivered a range of signage, wayfinding and interpretive installations at Taronga Sydney and Western Plains Zoos.

One of the most significant redevelopment projects is constructing the upper entry car park and remodelled zoo entry. Diadem worked with BVN Architects to provide wayfinding and signage design and documentation services.

Both elegant and legible, the signage design picks up elements of natural sandstone and timbers. This project coincided with the launch of a new brand identity featuring a stylised platypus symbol which was carved into feature sandstone pylons.

A welcome

The 10-metre long, 4-metre high concept designed by Nutshell Graphics welcomes visitors to Taronga Zoo, adding a sense of theatre and anticipation to the arrival experience. The arch included multilingual welcome messages on HD screens.

As construction manager, Diadem provided technical specifications and construction services, coordinating directly with contractors. The project also required close collaboration with fabricators, installers and communication contractors to ensure design criteria such as safety, durability and serviceability were met.

Creating a
self-guided tour

Taronga Sydney is home to over 4,000 animals, including several rare and exotic species. The zoo developed a ‘zoo within a zoo’ to highlight indigenous wildlife to Australia.

This native bushwalk within the more significant zoo precinct needed to help patrons take a self-guided tour without competing against the broader signage system.

The solution created by Diadem and communications agency This Is Ikon was to install a series of oversized corten steel and timber gum leaf signs. These were strategically positioned around the walking paths as trail markers for visitors to follow. The Wild Australia Walk now guides curious visitors to our native animals every day.

event signage

Diadem worked closely with the zoo’s internal design studio, building contractor Brisland and contracted food service providers to design and deliver signage for the Taronga Food Market.

Diadem developed bespoke shopfronts, environmental graphics and backlit menu boards. With spectacular views over Sydney Harbour as a background, this unique event helped the zoo maintain its position as one of the city’s premier tourism, conservation and community destinations.


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