A global leader
in Hong Kong

From gantry cranes to the corporate office, the Hutchison Ports brand in the built environment reflects its position of strength.

Diadem design and implemented sky signage as well as exterior and interior wayfinding across the ports in Hong Kong, including structural design engineering and project management.


Hutchison Ports

A leader in
global logistics

Headquartered in Hong Kong, Hutchison Ports is the world’s leading port operator with a global presence and 8.3% of the market share.

Following an evolution of its brand, Hutchison Ports engaged Diadem to apply its new corporate identity across its corporate headquarters and port precinct. The signage needed to exemplify the brand’s core values of growth, progression, innovation and ambition.

Local project

Diadem oversaw implementation, building on its experience working within controlled environments and the local connections of its Hong Kong office. Project management of trusted local suppliers ensured a consistent and high-quality execution of the brand at every scale.

For the internal and external wayfinding, Diadem’s response took cues from the upward diagonal break in Hutchison’s logo, representing growth and symbolising the point of meeting between sky and sea.


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