Clarity and culture

When six colleges merged to form one national university, new wayfinding was needed to bring everything together.

Diadem developed a wayfinding report that resolved critical issues and created solutions for consistency across multiple campuses and training centres.


Fiji National University

A new
national university

Fiji National University was formed when six colleges were combined, bringing together ten major academic campuses, six training centres and multiple buildings. These learning spaces ranged from an aeroplane hangar to new and old facilities across many locations across Fiji.

Bringing consistency to the new brand and clarity in the navigation of each campus was critical.

Diadem was engaged in rationalising all signage, and providing a creative solution that would be functional, durable, affordable, environmentally friendly and fun. Importantly, it also needed to reflect Fijian culture authentically.

a new way

Existing campus signage had been developed over many years. As such, it was ad hoc, outdated, and inconsistent across diverse architectural spaces.

A series of workshops also revealed the need for practical considerations. For example, as numerous masterplans were underway, a building numbering system was required to future-proof all campuses. An information hierarchy, approach to naming, and consistent terminology were also developed.

The university wanted to increase its appeal to a younger demographic, brighten spaces and reinvigorate the in-person experience.

with culture

Expressive and bold patterns are integral to Fijian culture. They are found everywhere, from traditional and modern art to clothing and public infrastructure.

Diadem developed a set of patterns for the FNU wayfinding system as a cost-effective, culturally appropriate and energetic visual system. These patterns were designed to be applied at multiple scales, from wall graphics to room identification.

A manual
for the future

Following concept designs, a comprehensive manual was created to guide signage implementation across all FNU campuses with consistent quality.

The manual users at every stage, from signage location and content to production and maintenance.

The strategy and design intent were straightforward and seamless navigation for 26,000 students and 2,000 staff nationwide.


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