Good wayfinding enhances a space’s legibility; knowing where you are and intuitively finding where you need to get to.

Wayfinding is customer experience

Wayfinding improves a customer’s experience of your brand. It shows them where they are, where they’re going and lets them know when they’ve arrived. It’s an opportunity for your customers to connect with your brand. Your wayfinding signage is often the first thing a customer sees when they enter your unique space.

Truly outstanding wayfinding plays a vital role in helping to create memorable experiences while also creating seamless reflections of your brand, its identity and promise. It makes your customers feel welcomed and cared for – they think positively about your brand and the experience it offers.

In the same way, poor wayfinding can lead to late appointments, missed flights and a frustrating customer experience.

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Strategy meets design

Good wayfinding uses strategy and signage to create legible spaces that can improve customer experience. Our work aims to increase and inspire brand loyalty. Whether it’s a large, complex space such as a university campus, or a high volume area such as a shopping centre, wayfinding should integrate seamlessly into the environment.


Good wayfinding and journey planning can positively influence the happiness, satisfaction, and the overall customer experience. Our solutions are flexible, adaptable and help your customers find their way, whether they’re aware of their navigation or not; ultimately contributing to a customer’s sense of place, emotional state and sense of being cared for.

Our approach is holistic. We combine graphic messaging, knowledge of human behaviour and journey planning to develop wayfinding solutions that fully consider how information is presented. Our end goal is always an improved user experience.


Wayfinding is about analysis, strategy and design

Wayfinding consultation

There is no universal wayfinding language, so understanding how people perceive space and process information is critical. We all use logic when navigating unknown territory, but only some of us realise we’re doing it.

A good wayfinding solution will integrate seamlessly into its surroundings and provide important direction at key decision makings points.

We believe each project has its own problems to be solved and no two outcomes are the same.

We focus on discovering the core issues that our clients experience and we recommend how to improve them. And it’s not always a sign; it can be sculptural placemaking, urban design, floor treatments or even digital solutions that can facilitate and uplift the wayfinding experience.

Technology has unlocked a vast array of new opportunities for solutions in wayfinding.

Customer experience is no longer influenced by a single form of media. From apps connected to the environment and beacon technology to directory totems and interactive digital displays.

Our approach is user-centric and our integrated services model is put to work to enable design, procure the right technology and manage the implementation for our clients – on time, on budget and on brand.

Mirvac is exceptionally pleased with what you have delivered for us at Broadway – the design is bold and unique and meets our brief perfectly. We have received numerous compliments about the signage from our senior executives, co-owner and industry peers. It certainly sets a new standard for wayfinding signage across Mirvac’s retail portfolio.
Further, we can’t thank you enough for delivering this project in record time so that it was complete for our grand opening on 18th August – we didn’t think it was possible but Diadem rose to the challenge and delivered this in a seamless and professional manner. It certainly added the finishing touch to the new Level 2.

Christina Nelson | Senior Development Manager, Mirvac Retail

University of Canterbury

The University of Canterbury, in Christchurch, New Zealand was undergoing major reconstructions; so was everyone for that matter. Following the 2011 earthquake, much of the city was being rebuilt – it was a constant reminder of what happened paired with a promise for a new beginning.

The complex university campus was now made even more challenging by the temporary hoardings and new journeys students had to travel that continued to change. The University of Canterbury needed a wayfinding solution that could live with change, evolve with the campus and still make a bold brand statement.  A promise of new beginnings, based on the university values, conveyed in a deliberate sense of Kiwi optimism.

Diadem assisted in creating a solution that not only solved the design rationale but identified opportunities to use the temporary hoardings as an opportunity to create a sense of place and aid the wayfinding experience.

The concepts were flexible and utilised clean, minimal ideas to provide maximum impact. The wayfinding signage, totems and architectural installations needed to carry that strong statement. Activating the campus and engaging with current and future staff, students and visitors.


Key considerations for wayfinding projects

A wayfinding experience can reflect positively or negatively on an organisation; whether it’s a student looking for a classroom, or a passenger about to miss a flight, wayfinding solutions need careful consideration:

Journey planning

Consolidate the strategy, the concepts and the built environment and understand the users of your building or space. Don’t just make it work for them, make it work for where they need to go.

Customer experience

Understand the vital role wayfinding plays in a customer’s experience of your brand. Poor performance shouldn’t be left to chance and branding opportunities should be seized


Developing solutions requires a deep knowledge of the possibilities to integrate solutions into the surrounding environment. Hardware, materiality and manufacturing are all part of the design considerations.

Planning and logistics

Whether the solution is an architectural installation or a bespoke set of totem signs to help guide you and your visitors, the logistics of accessibility and installation can be just as important as the design.


We are all changing the way we consume information and go about our daily lives. Journey planning and wayfinding should naturally consider the obligations and opportunities provided by technology.


No matter the desired result. A truly integrated solution needs to consider the whole environment, the existing signs, brands, features and areas that could help, or hinder, a wayfinding solution.

Diadem’s solution will be creative, practical, on brand, and fit for purpose.

Diadem helps businesses all over the world implement global brands into physical spaces to create branded environments using signage and wayfinding solutions. We work closely and collaboratively with architects, agencies and our clients to develop wayfinding solutions that fully consider time, cost and quality.

We hold an international reputation for providing on brand wayfinding solutions combining progressive thinking, production knowledge and innovation to help our clients deliver exceptional customer experiences.


Our clients span a number of sectors including airports and transportation, hospitals, universities, community facilities, shopping centres, commercial and residential developments, public spaces and urban precincts.

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