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Victoria is our home. It was an honour for us to work on the new headquarters for Victoria Police, the force which keeps our state safe every day.

Diadem delivered bespoke signage and wayfinding throughout Victoria Police’s new headquarters, from the statement crest in the lobby to the signage on each floor.


Victoria Police

Victoria Police has served its state with distinction since 1853. Today the force calls the purpose-built and state-of-the-art tower at 311 Spencer Street home. Having enjoyed a long working relationship, Diadem was engaged to deliver bespoke signage and wayfinding throughout the building.

The tower is heavily fortified from top to bottom. Every consideration was made to ensure ensuring police operations can continue effectively during a disaster. For Diadem, that meant ensuring the signage and wayfinding suite was engineered to be seismically rated to withstand considerable impacts and forces. The result is a contemporary and protected environment where staff and officers can work safely.

Making a
strong impression

The centrepiece of the new building is the four-metre wide Victoria Police crest that dominates the lobby floor among entry. The crest is a distinctive emblem under which members serve and channels pride.

In collaboration with expert contractors, Diadem brought the millimetre-perfect piece to life in just two weeks, quickly prototyping premium materials such as marble, bluestone and granite.

Signage inspired
by the state

The signage suite’s colour palette celebrates the environmental diversity of Victoria. This was broken down into north, south, east, west and metro, with each taking on a colour reflective of its terrain – from warm oranges of Mildura to cool greens of the Dandenong Ranges and grey streetscapes of urban Melbourne.

Levels take on a different colour scheme according to these regions, with signage and furnishings matching each theme. Diadem collaborated with contractors to develop vinyl envirographics before applying them to internal walls.

Various meeting rooms also received either medium or high-security glazing according to privacy requirements.


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