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In 2014, BHP Billiton engaged Diadem to replace its sky signs atop its headquarters in Perth and Melbourne.

With a rebrand in 2018, Diadem was invited to revisit those sites, as well as towers in Brisbane and Adelaide, with updated signage.



BHP Billiton


2014 to 2019


Viewing distance analysis (VDA)

Concept design

Design development

Construction documentation

Tender management

Project management


Elevating the
new brand

BHP is the world’s largest mining company. In 2018, BHP Billiton underwent a brand refresh, omitting the word ‘Billiton’ from its name to simply become known as BHP. These three letters made up the brand to adorn the company’s buildings in Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide and Brisbane as sky signs.

Diadem worked closely with BHP’s marketing team to make minor brand changes that translated into enhanced sky sign legibility. Increased kerning between the B, H and P letters allowed each one to be distinct. This boosted the sign’s visibility in daylight, and at night when its LED elements were illuminated.

Leading a safer

As with all Diadem signage, safety was a key consideration from the start. Diadem assessed risk factors and set governing safety standards from inception. Public and stakeholder safety was crucial, with early standards put in place for safe delivery.

Viewing distance

Diadem is an industry leader in viewing distance analysis (VDA), which resolves the size and scale of sky signs for ultimate legibility.

For Melbourne, the sign- signs solutions were integrated and sympathetic to the building architecture through collaboration with the architect, Bates Smart, and the façade engineers to resolve the fixing methodology.

Solving a
large-scale problem

BHP’s centre of operations is in Perth, and it was here that they needed to solve a particular signage problem.

How do you build a sky sign that is positioned in the wind, low on maintenance and impressive in size? How do you also achieve this regulated illumination with no flaring, and in a way that is highly visible?



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