A sustainable

Barangaroo is a 22-hectare, $6 billion addition to Sydney’s western edge with 2km of public waterfront and zero carbon emissions. It presented an opportunity to work with world-class organisations on signage for a sustainable skyline.

Diadem was engaged to plan, develop and deliver five high-level signs across the three towers of Barangaroo. This work was heavily considerate of the sensitive nature of the site location and its surrounds. In addition to maximising the impact of each brand, this project was guided by strict safety, environmental and community outcomes.






St George Bank

A high-profile

Barangaroo is one of the most ambitious urban renewal projects globally, embodying industry-leading design and sustainability. It has solidified Sydney as a preferred destination for major organisations in the Asia-Pacific.

These include PwC, HSBC, Westpac-owned BT & St George Bank, along with the precinct’s head developer, Lendlease. Each tenant embarked on a bespoke high-level sign solution, with each posing its own set of technical and illumination issues.

“With such high profile clients, we needed to ensure that all of the signs had the same equity in terms of legibility, scale, positioning, intensity and brand recognition.”

  • Robert Fugle, project lead, Diadem

An active

Diadem worked with each organisation in the planning, design and delivery of the high-level building signage. The precinct holds a significant presence when viewed from the west, providing postcard views of the city. It was essential for all building signage to be seen as a unified collective.

Drawing on our broad sky sign experience in Sydney’s CBD (including J.P. Morgan, Westfield, Macquarie Bank, Credit Suisse and ANZ Bank), Diadem developed solutions that considered each brand individually as well as the finished solution collectively.

The result is signage with the best possible brand visibility and exposure for our clients while also considering long-term lifecycle management.

Our integrated
model at work

Our unique integrated model allowed us to tailor a combination of services to each client, depending on the project structure. These included:

  • Viewing distance analysis
  • Brand optimisation
  • Technical specifications
  • Prototyping and testing
  • Authority approvals
  • Construction management services
  • Quality assurance, warranty and maintenance specifications


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