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With Diadem as signage and wayfinding partner, Stockland’s nation-wide portfolio of logistics and business parks can improve its user experience.

Diadem has undertaken over 60 signage and wayfinding projects for Stockland Property Group across various retail, residential, commercial and industrial assets, including its logistics and business park portfolio.


Stockland Property Group

Elevating the
business park experience

Stockland Property Group and Diadem have collaborated on over 60 projects across its retail, residential, commercial and industrial asset portfolios. Most recently, Stockland engaged Diadem to create a vibrant and contemporary signage and wayfinding kit of parts applicable across all its business parks.

Diadem designed a suite that simplified site maps and wayfinding messaging to improve site functionality, further adding clarity for visitors. While maintaining its brand colour of blue, Diadem recommended the addition of orange to the Stockland signage to provide a sense of contrast.

A trusted
strategic partner

Working across multiple Stockland asset portfolios, Diadem has built a consistent and high-impact brand presentation in the built environment.

Each project aims to increase the prominence of the Stockland brand and enhance user navigation with simplified and succinct information through the redesign of site maps and clear wayfinding.

Diadem has been retained by Stockland to project manage the signage program’s implementation, including the preparation and submittal of all documentation for authority approval, management of the procurement process, and ongoing construction management.

Diadem’s integrated model safeguards both the brand’s integrity and the user experience as future sites are rolled out in the future.

“Diadem was instrumental in this process and getting us to today, ensuring that the message of urgency was conveyed downstream and that the target
activities and dates leading up were met.

Thanks for Diadem’s work on this occasion which pulled us through!”

  • KC Lee – Project Manager, Commercial Property, Stockland


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