Learning in
the landscape

Working on the interpretive environments of this national park centre deep within the Pilbara brought challenges and rewards.

Diadem provided industrial design, materials research, prototyping, construction management and implementation for the iconic visitor centre.


Department of Conservation & Land Management


David Lancashire Design

local stories

The architecturally striking Karijini Visitor Centre provides information about the natural and cultural history of Karijini National Park in remote Western Australia.

Diadem was engaged to lend its extensive experience to the concept and execution of the centre’s various interpretive environments by David Lancashire Design. These elements take visitors on a journey through stories of geology, plants, animals, and Aboriginal people and their culture.


Given the remote location, planning was critical. The closest town is a three-hour round trip, and local materials are extremely limited.

While the Diadem team had detailed architectural documentation to integrate the designed elements, there was no as-built documentation to confirm that this was accurate or correct.

Therefore, tolerances in the manufacture and contingencies were made, including additional materials in case Diadem needed to rebuild or modify the existing structures.

Driven by
the environment

When planning the execution, Diadem needed to consider unconventional aspects, such as tropical weather, including rains preventing access to the site, the availability of traditional owners for specific feature decision making, and a locked-in opening date. Diadem also developed the design concepts to ensure longevity and easy maintenance.

By its nature, the design was complex in order to tell meaningful stories and communicate local information. As a result, Diadem chose a wide variety of materials and finishes to complement the storytelling.

“The Karijini National Park is the most beautiful place I have seen, and the experience we had as a team during the construction was fantastic, staying with the park rangers team and seeing the impact the new centre had on the traditional owners.

This is still my favourite project from more than 21 years at Diadem. I have been back twice since completion, including taking my kids when travelling around Australia in 2013.”

– Travis Marshall, Project Director, Diadem


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