Working on
a global scale

Goodman is one of the world’s largest industrial property groups, with a global network spanning 17 countries and approximately $35 billion of assets under management.

Since 2006, Diadem has been a trusted advisor, providing a full suite of advisory, design and execution services for international assets. This has included eye-catching installations, consistent signage and improved wayfinding, all of which both reinforces the Goodman brand and reflects the local context.


Goodman Group




2006 to present

Working with an
established brand

Goodman Group has a strong brand and recognises the importance of protecting that brand in the built environment. Its highly visible portfolio of industrial property and business spaces effectively operates as the face of the business to its customers, staff and investors.

Prominent and high-quality branding of each site plays a vital role in ensuring the Goodman brand represents a premium and well-managed global property portfolio.

Diadem carefully plans to ensure the Goodman brand integrates with each site’s differing requirements for each site, the various building configurations, and customer needs consistently.

Partnering with an
international leader

Working collaboratively with Goodman and its creative agencies, Diadem has developed a robust set of principles that underpins a consistent rollout of the  brand identity.

Diadem’s integrated service model addresses the lifecycle of signage from design through to implementation. Informed decision-making in the early stages of design has resulted in a reduction in costs and increased quality.

Installations that
stands apart

Goodman looked to make a brand statement through bespoke installations that could also act as placemaking devices. Working as Goodman’s trusted advisor, Diadem was engaged to make those designs a reality.

Diadem collaborated with design agency Frost to bring the installations to life in an unmissable way. Variously titled Gateway Arch, Good-Day/Good-Night, Large Plus and Kinetic Grasses, each takes on varying but large scales.

Engineering for
local conditions

The installations were executed in Australia, New Zealand, China, France and the UK. Wind analyses and local compliance regulations affected the installations’ materiality in each location.

Diadem undertook these studies and assessed relevant compliance guidelines at each site. This determined the selection of materials, while quality and value for money were not compromised.

Improving site-wide

In 2014, Goodman added to its portfolio with the purchase of Sydney Corporate Park. Diadem was engaged to review site-specific branding and signage, which was revealed to be confusing to navigate.

To address this, Diadem developed a new signage and wayfinding strategy that incorporated Goodman’s brand colours and improved customer journeys throughout the park.

Through Diadem’s integrated service approach, problem-solving at the concept stage delivered cost savings and an exceptionally high-quality outcome.


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