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future city

How can we shape a vision for a future city? FESTA considers this key question, and Diadem was proud to be a vital part of the festival.

Diadem designed concepts for the wayfinding and signage of this festival, then oversaw installation on-site.


Christchurch City Council

Journey Planning

Generation Zero

Bringing a
festival to life

FESTA is the Festival of Transitional Architecture – a free, public event that considers urban regeneration over four days in Christchurch, New Zealand.

The festival engages with the city through large-scale collaborative projects and urban interventions. The aim was to transform Christchurch and make it feel like a vibrant place to be once again, surrounded by animation, excitement and street life.

Diadem was happy to come to the party through official sponsorship and an innovative temporary wayfinding solution.

Finding a
way forward

Diadem brought its experience to the design of hubs and sites to help people navigate their way through the temporary development. The New Zealand office also managed the on-site manufacture and implementation.

Working with Generation Zero, as well as a constrained budget and very tight timeline, Diadem managed the procurement, manufacture and installation of the temporary wayfinding. This meant creating a colourful, engaging solution that used only existing structures around the city.

The theme of the festival – tactical urbanism – was about transforming public spaces into engaging people-focused spaces. As Christchurch continues to reinvent itself after a devastating earthquake, considering these issues is more vital than ever. Diadem is proud to be part of this conversation.


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