a new precinct

The revitalisation of Wellington’s parliamentary quarter includes Bowen Campus, two new commercial buildings with a vibrant central arcade.

Diadem prepared a wayfinding strategy and concept designs before being novated to deliver new signage across the building, including a sky sign for EY.


Precinct Properties


Warren & Mahoney


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New life for
a brutalist pair

In 2015, Precinct Properties initiated a comprehensive transformation of a government precinct in Wellington. This included the more recent construction of two new commercial buildings designed by Warren and Mahoney.

Between the buildings, a new arcade draws people in towards the offices above, as well as the co-working space Generator, cafés and retail areas.

Diadem was engaged to oversee the signage for this entranceway, as well as wayfinding elements within the arcade. As the project progressed from strategy to prototyping, Diadem was also engaged for additional elements, ranging from small environmental details to a sky sign atop one of the towers.

an arcade

Diadem’s wayfinding strategy identified the architectural awning structure as the ideal position for primary site entry signage. User journeys were then mapped to best understand where navigational signage was required within the arcades and buildings.

Two concepts were developed for public art pieces as part of the strategy. “Winds of Change” was inspired by the practices of indigenous peoples, such as the Māori, who have been observing natural patterns for centuries, while “Women’s Suffrage,” celebrated New Zealand’s historical milestone as the first self-governing country to grant women the right to vote.

This artwork was proposed as rolled-up ballot paper, symbolising the 1893 petition that led to this landmark achievement, and made from sustainable material as part of Diadem’s continuing circular design model.

on partnerships

This project was born from a longstanding relationship between Diadem and Precinct Partners. With a proven track record over many collaborations, Diadem is trusted to deliver on time and on budget, and to ensure the quality of its designs is upheld during construction.

Diadem has also enjoyed a partnership with EY over many projects in Australia. Diadem was engaged to design a new sky sign for EY as one of the anchor tenants of Bowen Campus.


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