A new identity or a brand refresh is a valuable opportunity to realise hidden potential.

Rebranding at scale

Whether it’s a new position, a new look and feel or a better representation of their corporate identity, businesses rebrand to illustrate their decisions to change and attempt to re-engage their market. As companies grow and expand, multi-site rebranding becomes increasingly costly and complex.

By its very nature, a multi-site rebranding project typically involves a large property portfolio spread geographically either nationwide or internationally.

This kind of project requires a balance of creative, strategic and technical expertise; a high-level thinking that ties the brand, marketing and property teams of an organisation. Consistency is key and high-quality implementation is integral to that brand’s new position, personality and preference in the marketplace.

Translating a brand identity into the built environment with consistency and brand integrity requires significant attention to detail. Add to this, the logistics of a supply chain required to deliver over national and international borders and where organisations rarely have the required expertise internally. A multi-site rebranding project has the potential to evolve from an opportunity to a risk.

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Implementing at scale

Rebranding projects often happen outside of the regular corporate lifecycle and can be time-consuming and costly exercises for any business. Having an expert on side to navigate through the maze of suppliers, products, materiality and wide spread geography can reduce the risk of error and poor decisions – the effects of which are magnified 1,000 times over at this scale.


Diadem provides a safe pair of hands for brand implementation and multi-site rebranding projects. We approach brand implementation transitions strategically, from creative to operational departments, ensuring nothing is ever lost in translation. We work as an independent and trusted advisor, providing solutions for consistent, legible and compliant rebranding projects.

We have helped hundreds of clients, agencies and architects across Australia, New Zealand and Asia Pacific through the journey of implementing their brands. These projects are about interpreting brands faithfully in 3-dimensions based on exceptional industrial design, bulk procurement and proactive management – ensuring clear lines of communication and risk management every step of the way.

Having a specialist can reduce that risk of getting it wrong.
Ensuring projects are delivered on brief, on time and on brand so our clients can trust us with certainty.

Key considerations for multi-site rebranding projects

Rebranding is a complex undertaking involving multiple departments, external stakeholders, the supply chain, logistics and asset management. Add to that a sense of urgency and a high dose of emotion amidst the change and you can see why it’s important to cover a few key considerations:

Outside eyes

Bringing in an implementation advisor brings fresh eyes to identify new opportunities and bring a new perspective to your project.

Think differently

Rebranding projects present opportunities to delve deeper inside an organisation and unlock otherwise hidden potential.

Be pragmatic

Multi-site rebranding can be a logistical maze. Work with someone who recognises the strengths and limitations and is prepared to offer solutions.


Technology is constantly evolving – from the latest applications and materials to cloud services.

Find our more about our brand asset management system – Brandscape

Involved in the creative

It makes sense to involve a brand implementation advisor to sit alongside the brand creator through the process to provide insights into the built environment applications.

The devil’s in the details

Over analysing or over complicating an activity will not necessarily make it better. You need to find a balance between efficiency and simplicity.

I can’t say enough about my reliance on Diadem, they continue to deliver, regardless of how large or small our need might be. Diadem is the first I go to and trust. They care about the quality, they care about the relationship and they care about the work. Their pride in the design and the delivery is such a high level that I can trust Diadem to continue to deliver as a key partner and key resource into our future.
They always make me look good.

Randy Galang | National Design Director, Vicinity Centres

ANZ Bank

ANZ Bank engaged us to undertake the rebranding of 4,000 sites in 27 countries, over three years. As a part of this project, Diadem also planned, developed and delivered over 24 high-level sky signs in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Vietnam, The Philippines, China and Indonesia.

Consistent and high-quality implementation of a company brand is integral to the brand’s integrity in every market.

Translating the ANZ brand identity consistently across multiple sites and countries required significant attention to detail: maintaining the consistencies of materials, colour, lighting and construction to ensure the ANZ brand faithfully reflects the original design intent.


To us, new territory is familiar ground.

Diadem helps businesses all over the world implement global brands into physical spaces to create branded environments using signage and wayfinding solutions. We hold an international reputation for providing design, management and procurement to global brands. We combine progressive thinking, production knowledge and innovation to deliver multi-site rebranding solutions that optimise the value of a brand.


We do not align with any manufacturer or supplier, nor do we manufacture ourselves. Instead, each year our clients trust us to manage tens of millions of dollars’ worth of brand implementation programmes. This provides us with enormous buying power which translates to tangible savings for our clients.

For over 17 years we have been accumulating invaluable experience and insight into the details of large-scale rebranding projects. We’ve developed a wealth of knowledge that we apply to every project and ensure our clients desired outcomes consider every brand touchpoint to generate positive experiences for staff and customers.

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