Architectural installations are a permanent form of brand presentation that provide unique opportunities for engagement. It’s vital to get it right.

Architectural installations

Architectural installations, typically, are bespoke solutions that seek to bring a brand alive in a built environment. They include a wide range of architectural solutions: from an illuminated sky sign on a city skyline, to a complex branded architectural façade, wayfinding solutions and complex branded environments.

It goes without saying that no two brands are the same, and neither are two projects.




We help our clients to understand the best positioning of signage and even the quantity required for their solutions through a thorough and detailed viewing distance analysis. But what we do is not just analysis – from design to management and procurement of branded architectural installations – our expertise rests in our integrated services model along with our knowledge base and collective experience managing risk in this industry.

When it comes to brands in the built environment, a poor brand representation can be a costly and noticeable error. We work with our clients to address and mitigate risks. From site risks during installation to brand reputation risks, each project presents its own set of challenges and its own list of opportunities.

These kind of projects don’t happen every day.
But to us, they do.
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Branded environments TM

Diadem designs and implements architectural signage solutions in all forms. ‘Branded environments’ are where brands meet customers in the real world. Over time we’ve accumulated a great deal of experience collaborating and working with architects and agencies to enable their designs. Partnering with them to deliver confidence, no matter the outcome. We’ve worked on signage rollouts, interpretive environments such as exhibitions, façades of shopping centres and temporary installations at events like the Melbourne Spring Racing Carnival.

Diadem has implemented global brands into built environments for some of the biggest brands in Australia, New Zealand and Asia Pacific including Hong Kong, China, Singapore, Korea, Indonesia, the Philippines and Vietnam.

Whether you’re a facility manager, architect, planner, creative or marketer, we’ve worked with clients all over the world who have been given the daunting task of creating a branded environment and “bringing the brand to life” with architectural signage.

For some, the challenge is even greater because their building or precinct doesn’t exist yet. Leaving us to visualise, problem solve and develop ideas while buildings are under construction or even prior to construction.

We enable design and bring ideas to life. Partnering with clients, agencies and architects to push boundaries while managing risk and having confidence in the outcome.

Make the most of digital and technology

Thanks to the ever-changing landscape of technology, architectural signage installations can present unique illumination and media content opportunities.

We’re constantly pushing our capability and growing our knowledge base. This commitment to learning and developing ideas combined with our relentless approach to problem-solving on our client’s behalf leads significant innovation.

Not only for our own capability but for our client’s as well.  Our innovative spirit is something we’re incredibly proud of.

Technology has become an integral part of modern brand experiences, and now even modern branded environments. The opportunities and possibilities afforded by innovation continue to change and grow. When it comes to branded environments of any kind, from façades to architectural installations, technology is changing the way we interact with the built environments around us.

Whether it’s illumination of a sky sign, integration with a smartphone or providing media communications between branded installations and the public.

The nature of this digital transformation landscape is a highly-specialised field of architectural signage that requires specialist knowledge to ensure the best result.

Having built our practice on achieving real-world results for our clients, we constantly balance innovation with achievability. Working with a team like Diadem from inception allows us to explore and discover what is possible. Knowing what is possible allows us to be braver in the design concepts we develop for our clients, resulting in better design outcomes and smoother delivery. Having our designs delivered by a company that partnered with us in their development gives us comfort that the design intent will be fully understood and maintained.

Gerald Matthews | Director, Matthews Architects

JP Morgan

A new commercial office tower was central to a Westfield development in Sydney. Working with Westfield Design and Construction, Diadem developed an innovative solution for JP Morgan’s sky signs.

The building that the sign would be placed onto features a heavily angled roofline with a glass over shaped ‘collar’. Structural engineering of sky signs is a mandatory exercise and is normally carried out as part of the development approval process. Close coordination between the designer and engineer was needed to ensure the very best integration with the building’s architecture.

Prototyping the colour contrast of the site against the western skyline was a priority and the solution involved gaining special permission from JP Morgan to adopt white instead of their traditional corporate brown logo.

Installation of the east facing sign proved particularly challenging and resulted in a design solution that gives the appearance of the signs floating above the roofline in front of the glass collar.

Specialist knowledge, frank advice and the best value through the right supply channels.

Key considerations in architectural signage projects

Naturally, every project is different. Some construction may not even be completed yet. Which means there’s a lot of detail in planning, design, approvals, construction and installation of a branded environment – with a lot of careful considerations to make along the way.


Branded environments can be as much about customer experience as any other aspect. Having a robust strategy for installations such as wayfinding is a critical part of success in the built environment.


Is illumination required? What method and medium for illumination is required? What is the best legibility for day and for night?


Determining appropriate materials and finishes compatible to its environment. Ensuring the solutions are durable and fit-for-purpose.


Balancing scale with architecture – ensure there is legibility from a distance and contrast with the surrounding area.


Specialist advice from a sign consultant can ensure that any sky sign design is interpreted correctly to address factors like viewing corridors, visibility and legibility.


Local planning authorities will provide development approval. If the site is a significant building or in the process of being designed or constructed, a facility manager acting on behalf of the building owner is involved along with an architect and planner.

Diadem helps businesses all over the world implement global brands into physical spaces to create branded environments using signage and wayfinding solutions. We hold an international reputation for providing design, management and procurement to global brands. We combine progressive thinking, production knowledge and innovation to deliver architectural signage and install branded environments that truly reflect the brand they represent.

We speak the language of the creative team as well as that of the shop floor to deliver certainty and manage risks.

We want to ensure that we’re there to help. If you’re considering your branded environments and how you can bring your brand to life in the built environment, we can help you answer the following questions:

  • How do we optimise legibility?
  • How do we deal with colour and lighting on a building?
  • How do we manage the brand fidelity in different environments?
  • What technology can we employ?
  • What is an appropriate budget to achieve the best outcome?
  • What are the lifecycle costs?

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