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Melbourne GPO
Maintenance on the iconic façade of Melbourne's GPO allowed us to create an innovative graphic display.

The General Post Office

Deep in Melbourne’s CBD, occupying frontage to two of Melbourne’s busiest streets – Bourke St and Elizabeth St – the iconic GPO offers what is perhaps the most highly exposed retail site in all of Melbourne.

Originally and as the name suggests, the General Post Office was one of Victoria’s foremost public buildings during the early development of the Colony of Victoria. Construction of the original building was completed in 1867.

Almost 150 years later, the building is now owned by ISPT, who have developed the location into a thriving retail precinct.

External wrapping for renovation works

In 2012, ISPT undertook maintenance to the façade to restore the building’s historic features and install a lighting system that would do the architectural highlights of the building justice.

The challenge ISPT faced was to mask the scaffolding during the renovation and retain the building’s iconic appearance for the duration of the works.

Diadem developed a graphic wrap for the GPO. The wrap used architectural drawings of the iconic GPO façade to wrap the building in its own image at 1:1 scale. The scaffolding turned corners and snaked around the building, hiding the restorations works done beneath. In response, Diadem had to create new panels and corners for the building, using its original columns, windows and features to extend the drawing of the building into new nooks and crannies. An iconic project, the wrap stayed up for several months as the stonework was lovingly cleaned and restored beneath.

This striking solution masked all 5,000 square metres of building frontage in a stylised representation of the building’s façade. Retaining the iconic appearance, the design retained the arcs and embellishments of the Victorian building it enveloped.

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