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ISPT – FitPoint
End of trip facilities are spaces designed for commuters that walk, jog or ride to work – an offering that could be the differentiating factor in the coming years of commercial real estate.

Piloting change

ISPT were looking to pilot sites at premium commercial locations in Sydney and Brisbane that welcomed and supported people who chose to commute through sustainable modes of transport.


This adaptation to the city commute reflects changing work and life demographics and attempts to confront the climate change and crowding issues that cities face all over the world.


ISPT saw this as an opportunity to invest in their car park’s end of trip facilities to attract new leaseholders with a premium offering and something exclusive to tenants.


Positioning Experience

Contemporary design has now embraced the parking experience as a critical element of both customer experience and overall brand positioning.

ISPT needed to develop and identity and sense of place for their end of trip facilities. This included the naming and design of the brand and signage of their new end of trip facility.


The brand FitPoint was named and developed – keeping in mind the practical applications required when it came to building an environment that would welcome commuters to FitPoint. This included extended coordination with architects Gray Puksand and Stephens Cameron, project management firm Case Meallin, lighting designers and air conditioning contractors.


The signage component then had to be carried out and from concept, design and documentation across pilot sites at premium commercial locations in Sydney and Brisbane.


Working with the design concepts, Diadem took on the implementation of these end of trip facilities, working closely with ISPT to deliver the solution. To aid in the roll out to each of the premium locations, Diadem developed FitPoint brand guidelines for ISPT along with a fit-out guide.


Transport and the daily commute will continue to change as the end of trip facilities continue to encourage and appropriately support cyclists, joggers and walkers move towards more flexible and sustainable modes of transport.

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