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Manukau Institute of Technology
Manukau Institute of Technology had a bold vision to shine a spotlight on themselves and make an architectural statement. The wayfinding signage needed to align.

A new technical building

A leader in technical and vocational education, Manukau Institute of Technology is New Zealand’s highest performing institute of technology offering innovative and specialised education at multiple campuses throughout the greater Auckland region.

Manukau Institute of Technology was establishing a new campus in the suburb of Manukau. The newly constructed Faculty of Business and Information Technology and School of Logistics would take shape in the form of a large technical building with capacity for 5,000 on-campus students and 20,000 connected students at any one time.

More about the building’s construction can be found at Architecture Now.

An innovative building

The vision for the project set out to change the perception around post-secondary school education, as the enrolment numbers locally were far below the national average. Manukau Institute of Technology’s Chief Executive describes it as an effort to “light a flame of desire for further education within the community”, making clever use of an integrated transport exchange to capture attention.

Guided by a philosophy of eliminating lines between public and private realms, the solutions went far beyond an architect-designed building and carried with it a grand ambition – social change.

The building was innovative in its planning, which reflected new developments in pedagogy. Open learning spaces, informal social learning spaces and unique circulation routes presented challenges for navigation of the building.

Architecture as an instrument of social change is a grand ambition, but one that is within reach at Manukau.

Architect’s vision.

Strategic signage and wayfinding

Diadem produced a wayfinding strategy that responded to the atypical architecture. We offered a tailored wayfinding solution, including room numbering which supported intuitive navigation of the building.

Drawing on the wayfinding strategy, we followed with a concept design that responded to the colour-coded floors of the building. For Diadem, the signage and wayfinding solution had to reinforce the vision and philosophy. It wasn’t simply about navigating the building; it was about increasing engagement and eliminating those lines.

The signage packages were developed into design documentation and then project managed, procured and implemented as per our Integrated Service Model, tailoring it to the available budgets and timeframes.

The final signage and wayfinding outcome integrates seamlessly with the architecture and provides clarity to the navigation of the building.

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