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Royal Children’s Hospital
A significant project, opened by the Monarch herself, allowed us to help by implementing the signage and wayfinding that would reduce doubt and uncertainty in every patient and family’s experience.

A welcoming environment

The Royal Children’s Hospital provides an environment that can comfort patients and families. An often-hidden role of a hospital is, it’s environment; as with any space or place, a hospital has an opportunity to contribute to the emotional and physical well-being of those in its care.

After more than seven years in planning and construction, the Queen and Duke of Edinborough opened the new Royal Children’s Hospital during their 11-day tour in October of 2011. The expansion added new to the existing Children’s Hospital and made a concerted effort to bring the environment into the 21st Century.

The new hospital has the capacity to treat thousands of additional patients per year. With colour and floor patterns chosen to ensure people of all cultures and backgrounds find their way easily around the hospital and a ‘main street’ running from the entry through to Royal Park, the RCH is a welcoming environment for sick and recovering children.

An impressive scale

With over 10,000 wayfinding, statutory, safety and traffic management signs to be supplied and installed, the project management, communication and site coordination was as important as the production of the signs themselves.

Designed by Buro North, Diadem was engaged by Lend Lease through competitive tender to deliver the new wayfinding for the world-class hospital, ultimately ensuring time, cost and quality imperatives were met with minimal compromise to the project objectives.

10,700 wayfinding, statutory, safety and traffic management signs. 300 suspended signs. 620 wall graphic elevations and 1800m2 of digitally printed panels.

Wayfinding implementation

A key factor in our engagement was managing risk and contractors. With content and issues unresolved, final quantities unknown and a changing floorplan and configuration, we needed to be as flexible as we were responsive.

The scale was impressive with over 600 graphic elevations needing to be individually surveyed before creating specific signage layouts to ensure an efficient approvals and production process for each of the levels of the hospital, each with its own colour to match as well. With this kind of volume comes data, and lots of it; level, level colour, font, slats, message, fixing details.

With a high pressure, 10-month timeline for full implementation including completion of existing and additional scope, Diadem managed client expectations along with design changes and variations as they surfaced. A combination of problem-solving, responsiveness, perseverance and good old-fashioned hard work.

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