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A signage strategy, the City of Sydney, a helicopter installation and an iconic brand adorned on an iconic tower.

Sydney Tower

The Westfield (Scentre Group) origins date back to the opening of their first development in 1959, “Westfield Place”, in Sydney’s western suburbs. Since then, Westfield Group has grown into a multi-national powerhouse, but they haven’t’ forgotten their roots.

In 2001, Westfield Group took ownership of Centrepoint. While AMP had managed the Centrepoint shopping centre below, Sydney Tower was officially referred to as “AMP Tower”. This expansion move led the Group to revert the tower to its original name of Sydney Tower.

Syndey Tower is Sydney’s tallest free-standing structure.

The Sydney masterplan

Over a 5-year period, Diadem worked with Scentre Group on the internal and external signage of its flagship Westfield Sydney site. As the project developed, Diadem worked on strategy, planning and documentation elements of the external signage masterplan.

The signage masterplan for Westfield Sydney was prepared in conjunction with Westfield’s design and construction team – collaboration was critical. The detailed document outlined all planning and environmental consideration for low level, retail podium and high-level signage.

The signage masterplan needed to be future-focussed and stand the test of time. Good design is judged through its longevity and ability to solve problems in the future, not just address the immediate requirements.

Diadem reviewed all authority and statutory requirements and presented to the City of Sydney on all Westfield and tenant branding for planning approval, including the provision of a statement of environmental effects for the proposed signage. The City of Sydney approved with minimum amendments.


Sydney Tower sky signs

The Westfield high-level sky signs on Sydney Tower were a hallmark element of this new signage strategy.

Diadem prepared 3D animation sequences of the new signs showing both day and night time viewing – helping to facilitate stakeholder approval. The signs themselves were prototyped to maximise the legibility and visibility of the signs, featuring internal illumination using LED technology.

The iconic Sydney Tower was adorned with two Westfield signs measuring 20m long and six metres high, each. Specialist contractors carried out the complex installation using helicopters to help remove the existing AMP signs from the site and carry the new Westfield signs to the rooftop during an orchestrated operation that was several months in planning.

The project scope included:

  • Viewing Distance Analysis
  • Concept Design
  • Design Development
  • DA Submission
  • Environmental Impact Review
  • Construction Documentation

Styles come and go. For Diadem design is a language, not a style. With a long-term view Diadem continues to help Scentre Group embrace visually powerful, elegant and timeless design solutions.

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