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We’ve partnered with ANZ on a signage solution before. But it was nothing like this…

Flagship frontage

Retail is a highly competitive platform. Street frontage has to be optimised to best reflect your brand while doing all it can to invite customers in. So, when it comes to a flagship store, it’s about all the bells and whistles.


Marking a dramatic return to its original headquarters in NSW, ANZ opened a new three-level flagship branch in Martin Place in Sydney’s traditional financial district. It was the largest in ANZ’s entire international network.

A flagship store isn’t just an investment into bricks and mortar real estate in a key location. It’s an investment into the future of the bank, creating a branded environment that expresses their customer experience of the future.


A centre of the future

With a strong street presence, the implementation of the signage needed to be anchored by the delivery of sophisticated branding implementation fronting both Pitt Street and Martin Place.

This new branch features the full range of ANZ digital functions, smart ATMs, digital screens and more. The new technologies aim to give bankers more time to focus on the customer. What used to take these bankers more than an hour during a home loan application, they’re able to complete in less than 10 minutes.

This was a centre of the future.

Although on the surface, the task was simply about putting the ANZ logo onto a shop front, the intricacies and details required a specialised approach to design and implement the brand elements to ensure the best possible outcomes.

…ensuring the brand is integrated into the building façade and interior elements.

Integrated brand implementation

Diadem has been working with ANZ Bank as a trusted partner for over 15 years and has implemented ANZ’s brand across over 4,000 individual sites and branches in 32 countries.


We knew the care that was required with ANZ brand mark and we knew that even with a challenging architecture like this one, hung onto glass windows from the ceiling, the implementation and end result was of paramount importance.

Making the most of our integrated services model, ensuring the implementation of the industrial design fully expresses the brand’s statements so that it is integrated into the building façade and interior elements. Delivering the project through a thorough procurement, project management and project delivery.

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