Taking it to the streets 26

Giorgio Armani
Working with international brands can be exciting. But when what is arguably the most famous of the Italian design and prestige fashion houses needs your help, you listen.

A high-end brand implementation

Luxury fashion knows its detail. And a high-end brand like Giorgio Armani doesn’t take signage lightly. Any opportunity to represent the brand is one taken into deep consideration.

Giorgio Armani represents a culture which embodies creativity, intimacy, and evolution. Building that brand has taken over 40 years of hard work and dedication to the fashion industry.

Something that has to be taken into consideration every time a bold move is made. Retail, street-level signage is no exception.

On street level

Retail can be made challenging for luxury brands as the dedication to prestige meets the high street. Giorgio Armani needed to implement their brand onto the exterior of a building in the heart of the CBD in Melbourne, Australia.


Diadem’s role

Implementation of this was made challenging by the street exposure and public location in the heart of the CBD.


Working closely with architects, Mills Gorman and builders, MABEN, Diadem undertook the construction documentation, procurement and managed the completion of the building façade and signage.

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