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Wyndham Vale Station
Helping artists realise a vision in three-dimensional space is a fun challenge, but when doing so tells a story that acknowledges the traditional land owners and their history – it’s an honour and a responsibility to get it right.

The Regional Rail Link

In a collaboration with the indigenous traditional owners, the Regional Rail Link is the culmination of many years of infrastructure development alongside the management, maintenance and protection of indigenous cultural heritage across the area of development.

The Wadawarrung story is a part of the Wyndham Vale area and has been for thousands of years. As a part of the Regional Rail Link, Nutshell was selected to tell the Wadawarrung story from a range of archaeological digs that took place during the construction period.

Archaeological art

Nutshell explored the archaeological perspective, mapping the land and graphics across the landscape in layers of history. Each shape; a story of how the land had been used, past and present. The shapes had dimension, fixed at different heights; a mirror to the archaeological excavation.

The map of the area covered in this graphic highlights and explains areas of hunting, living and resting that were unearthed in the digs. Samples of some artefacts were also located on the map to show their point of origin.

Installing interpretive panels

Diadem was engaged by Nuttshell to facility how the artwork was to be translated to interpretive panels – ones made of marine-grade wood, reflecting an element of the landscape. Graphics were then screen printed, and laser cut onto the surface.

We explored techniques that would convey the intent which keeping within cost parameters. We considered materiality and manufacture of the panels and provided facilitation throughout the process. Our careful drawings and insight allow the finished solution to fit together like a perfect puzzle on site.

The interpretive piece acknowledged the history of the site, the Wadawarrung story and the Wyndham Vale landscape.

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