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NCCC Davao Mindanao
Over a six-year period, we worked with NCCC on a diverse range of projects that saw the end-to-end implementation of branding to their wide portfolio of property assets.

Humble beginnings

NCCC is established as a preferred destination in the Philippines that provide consumers with a safe, clean, wholesome and fun destination that can fulfil all their shopping needs.

Beginning his entrepreneurial journey as a cigarette factory worker and migrant to Manila from mainland China, founder of NCCC, Lim Tian Siu, gave some small ventures a go, before moving from rural Manila to make his mark on South-Central Mindanao, then Davao City in 1952.

The business grew, but it wasn’t until the 70’s and 80s when Siu’s eldest son Henry joined the business that it truly began to expand. Starting with a simple textile mart, the family would go on to expand into supermarkets and department stores.

A broad portfolio

Today, NCCC holds a series of brands that ensure their destinations provide customers with quality products and services at the best prices. Headquartered in Davao City, the group – made up of 19 locations – strive to provide locations that offer everything consumer might need.

Over the last 30-years, NCCC has diversified its holdings to include bread and pastries from Breadfactory, health and pharmaceuticals from HB1, hardware from Hardwaremaxx, film and images from Kodakan, entertainment with B3 and cinema experiences with NCCC Cinemas.

Over a six-year period, we worked with NCCC on a diverse range of projects that included the re-imaging, imagining and creation of their corporate master brand, malls, supermarkets along with the list of diversified sub-brands.

Retail strategy and roll-out

Managing the design strategy and master planning of each of the branding projects, we were tasked with interior design, in-store graphics, signage, design and project management for all of the stores, including NCCC Supermarket’s 6,500sqm and NCCC Department stores 12,000sqm of retail space.

Collectively, the strategy, design and rollout covered:

  • NCCC Malls
  • NCCC Supermarkets
  • NCCC NDS (department stores)
  • NCCC Hardware Maxx
  • NCCC Cinema
  • HB1+ Pharmacy
  • BreadFactory
  • CitiFoods

In addition to the planning and roll-out, we worked with NCCC on the corporate brand and developed brand and style guides for each of the assets in the portfolio including store adoption in the sub-brands.

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