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Victoria Police
There are few brands as characteristically recognisable and universally understood as that of a police force. So when Victoria Police asked us to contribute to their new HQ, we wanted to make a lasting impression.


Victoria police were about to move into a brand new building.

The City West Police Complex in Melbourne is a purpose-built office and police station.

The new environment provides a generic workplace for the police force’s specific business units and a functioning police station within a state of the art facility that boasts impressive environmental credentials.

A complex project

Lendlease required drawings for the external high-level sign, external totems and all sign types.

The foyer signage requirements were significant, as each element of the Victoria Police logo represents an element of what the organisation stands for.

All the various elements needed to be managed with tight time parameters and in an environment where multiple activities needed to be coordinated across the site simultaneously.


Diadem’s role

We provided Lendlease with a simple, singular and central project management contact point across all deliverables. Coordinating supply, fabrication, assembly, installation and onsite fixing of all signs.


Diadem liaised with Fabio Ongarato who developed the sign concept, wayfinding strategy, content and locations, for design development and implementation.

The bluestone lettering which acts as the identity marker for the building was a particularly challenging component. With bluestone paving and other elements being completed by others, communication was essential to ensure the right fit.

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