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Dulux Trade Stores
Rethinking hierarchies and user journeys we were able to improve in-store efficiencies by up to 66%.

Dulux, part of the DuluxGroup, is committed to providing wold class products and services backed by dedicated professionals in marketing, research and customer relations.

At the forefront of industry trends and developments, the Dulux brand is a household name for paint, household colour and that good old-fashioned paint-tin full of jelly beans.

Improving operational efficiencies

Diadem was engaged originally to review and recommend new designs for brand signage, merchandising and environmental graphic elements of Dulux Trade stores. However, upon completing our initial research phase which included interviewing store managers, staff and customers, a new problem emerged. We discovered that key issues with product placement and excessive handling of bulk paint tins was causing massive inefficiencies for staff and customers alike.

Following a 5 day intensive at 3 stores; interviewing staff and managers, we discovered that the issues were slow service, trades people having to wait for paint tinting, ergonomic issues, and poor courtesy facilities. Applying design thinking fundamentals Diadem re-imagined the store configurations, providing many new opportunities to improve operational efficiencies and a vastly improved user experience. Movement and engagement through each store were considered both from a customer journey perspective and also in the context of the functionality and logistics of stock movement for staff.

Diadem prototyped the new store design in a warehouse at Dulux’s facilities in Clayton, ensuring the new innovations including new checkout pods met the requirements of staff and the approval of management. This proof of concept was vital in adopting the new design at four of its flagship sites in Victoria, NSW and Queensland.

Environmental strategy and signage

We created environmental graphic elements (using Dulux Colour Awards collateral) to promote not only the product but the brand. Breaking from traditional branding and merchandising to showcase award-winning projects from the Dulux award program. Removing barriers in the store layout created an improved staff and customer experience and led to significant paint processing efficiencies through the repositioning of stock. A better environment for relationship building, and served to reinforce the premium offering of the Dulux brand.

Reinforcing a sense of usability and order; new ergonomically designed service counters reduced paint tin lifting and handling, increasing the number of simultaneous customer transactions, while functional areas were created to assist in the demarcation of different zones and with an appreciation for material and finishes considered in areas of high traffic and usage.

Rethinking the store design from a user-centric perspective has enabled Diadem to provide Dulux not only the enhanced in-store branding they asked for but an all-round greater user experience and 66% greater service efficiency.

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