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Goodman Group
Rebranding 365+ sites in 9 countries isn’t just about the scale, it’s about the integrity of a global brand. Something we take immense pride in upholding. Diadem has been part of this journey.

A global brand

Diadem’s relationship with Goodman Group began in 2006. Since then we have provided the Group with the required design, procurement and management services to ensure the Goodman brand has been expertly delivered

Over the last 10+ years we’ve worked closely with Goodman on some of the most adventurous brand building projects undertaken. Innovations such as ‘Kinetic Grasses’ in New Zealand and ‘Gateway Arch’ in Sydney and Shanghai have set Goodman apart as a leader in their sector.

Goodman’s branded environments

In 2006 we were initially engaged to carry out the rollout of their rebrand to over 260 sites across 9 countries. As Goodman has expanded over the past 10 years Diadem has provided integrated signage and wayfinding solutions as a trusted partner.

Applying a brand identity across the built environment of is one of the most permanent and costly brand expressions a company can make. Goodman’s commitment to design and their focus on the detail of their branded environments has resulted in added value and marketplace differentiation.

Working collaboratively with Goodman and their creative agencies Diadem explores opportunities to inject innovation from signage and wayfinding to landscaping, lighting, painting and architectural installations. Making careful considerations for safety and accessibility at each individual location; some were large industrial sites and others incorporated entire precincts or small communities in themselves.

Aligning a multisite brand identity

Diadem’s role was to interpret and apply the new signage and wayfinding across the complex sites. We carried out design development, documentation, authority approvals and project management to successfully deliver the expansive rebranding program in nine countries and what became 365 sites.

The work also involved the acquisition of new assets, such as Sydney Corporate Park, which Goodman acquired in 2014. This large-scale corporate park led to an evolution of their corporate ‘Estate signage guidelines’ and the development of an additional ‘Large Estate Signage Guidelines’ to allow for the complexities of large-scale precincts.

Diadem has developed a robust set of principles that underpin the consistent rollout of the Goodman brand identity. Careful planning goes into aligning the brand identity with the differing requirements of each site, the various building configurations and customer needs in a consistent way for each regional market.

Our capability to implement branded environments globally has made our partnership with Goodman something we take pride in, together.

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