Navigating Chadstone to a better customer experience 30

Chadstone Shopping Centre
When it came to unveiling the newest investment and expansion of Australia’s fashion capital, wayfinding was critical to success.

Australia’s biggest shopping centre

With 20 million customers a year and over 500 stores to choose from, Chadstone Shopping Centre was busy completing a $600 million expansion.

Adding nearly 50% more floor area to the centre, covered in a glass roof that has to be seen to be believed, the revitalisation of the Chadstone Shopping Centre has been no small feat.

Signage and wayfinding is about customer experience.

It’s all about the customers

When spending $600m, it could easily be assumed that some of the smaller details might seem insignificant. This wasn’t the case for Vicinity Centres, who knew that ultimately the investment was to improve things for their customers, to offer more choice and attract more visitors as a result. When it came to wayfinding, it was more than just a design, and a far bigger investment than it looked on paper.

Vicinity Centres wanted to transform the experience of navigating Australia’s fashion capital in one smooth operation. The signs needed to be implemented cohesively, and quickly, to every carpark, outdoor and indoor area, in every corner of the centre. Taking the new technology and design elements of the new extension into the existing areas too, in a way that brought together the whole centre.

More than wayfinding

Diadem has worked with Chadstone Shopping Centre for over a decade across numerous centre developments.


Diadem was engaged to resolve the strategy and design principles into a solution that was applied across the whole centre, new and old. The end result was an improved customer experience, regardless of where you are in the centre.

Diadem relied on experience and tested methodologies to ensure the solution was resolved quickly and installed in time for the grand opening.

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