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Bendigo Bank
A multi-site implementation, delivered nation wide.

Bigger than a bank

The Bendigo Bank began its story more than 150 years ago. Back then, in rural Victoria, the Bendigo Bank was a building society helping Australians buy their first home.

Since those days, the building society has grown and merged to become Bendigo Adelaide Bank, now a top 60 ASX listed company with more than 90,000 shareholders and seven brands – including Bendigo Bank.

The Bendigo Bank brand recognises that people with a purpose make great things happen and seek to provide that by striving to share their values with everyone connected to their business. As a bank, they’re good with money. But they believe it’s bigger than that. They’re more interested in the good that money can do – hence the brand promise: “Bigger than a bank”.

Multi-site branding

One key project we were able to support was the design, engineering and implementation of new signage for their retail branch network, ATMs and Head Offices.

We commenced with a cost and risk management analysis. We then undertook site audits, prototypes of new brand elements followed by the development of a Kit of Parts. In addition, we attended to authority approvals and provided project management and construction management services.

Consolidating costs

Bendigo bank needed a partner who could provide cost saving by consolidating the needs for industrial design, management and procurement services.

Diadem has been working with Bendigo Bank since 2004 providing that answer. By controlling the full life-cycle of the brand implementation process, we’ve been able to offer Bendigo Bank significant cost savings.

Even today, we continue to play an important role in assisting Bendigo Bank with design and implementation work across Australia.

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