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Hong Kong Disneyland
How do you design and develop a retail space that inspires travellers to imagine?

Sharing magic

In 1999, the Hong Kong Government announced the city would be the site of Disney’s first theme park in China. Created through a joint venture with The Walt Disney Company, Hong Kong Disneyland wouldn’t begin construction until 2003 and wouldn’t officially open until late 2005.

Since opening, Hong Kong Disneyland has become an iconic part of Hong Kong tourism and a home to over 7,000 employees, making it one of the largest employers in Hong Kong’s entertainment industry.

This magical kingdom inspired by fairy-tale dreams is as much an idea as it is a place to visit; an idea that looks to share some of Walt Disney’s magic with the world; even outside of the park. Which is where the retail stores at Hong Kong’s International Airport have become such an essential part of the ecosystem.

Terminal One and Two

Hong Kong Disneyland’s airport terminal retail spaces needed a new experience for passing travellers at Hong Kong Airport. An experience that would be akin to all that Disney had to offer passers-by, enticing them in and showcasing all that Hong Kong has to offer visiting travellers.

Beginning with a challenge to the original design brief, we won a competitive tender and were invited to work with Hong Kong Disneyland to design and build two new Hong Kong Disneyland stores in Hong Kong Airport Terminals One and Two.

Articulating the missing “lustre and magic” of the previous stores, our idea was to hark back to Disney’s DNA and core design elements to build a new retail identity and customer experience for passing travellers.

Bringing the big idea to life

Working together with Disney, the big idea was fleshed out and worked through with the Hong Kong Airport Authority to alter the retail unit structure of the stores. The big idea would use thematic components to bring back the iconic Disney magic and lustre.

Following master-planning, merchandising and interior design concepts, the thematic components (like Micky Mouse) were designed, fabricated and developed for each of the stores and their designs.

Project managing the implementation while leading the contracting work to design, construct and fit-out the locations led to an end-to-end success. One that has stood the test of time as Hong Kong Disneyland Airport Terminal stores have stood the test of time and remained highly profitable for over eight years.

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