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Greater Wellington Transport Limited - Greater Wellington Regional Council
49 train stations, 5 ferry wharves and 28,000 bus stops – all making the customer journey a positive experience.

Wellington Metlink

Metlink is the Wellington region’s high-quality public transport network containing bus, train and harbour ferry services.

With 4 rail lines, over 100 bus routes, more than 200 school bus services, and 5 harbour ferry stops Metlink’s goal is to deliver an effective, efficient, and integrated public transport network for the people of Wellington. Greater Wellington Regional Council (GWRC) works in partnership with the New Zealand Transport Agency to plan and fund the region’s public transport network who contract operators to provide most of these services, catering for more than 36+ million customer movements each year.

With an increase in patronage over the medium term, Greater Western Transport Limited is committed to constant improvement as the GWRC works in partnership with the New Zealand Transport Agency to plan and fund the region’s public transport network.

“An integrated transport system across all modes of transport”

To enhance the usability of the transport system, the Regional Public Transport Information Signage Strategy Program is applied across the network. The intent was to deliver “simple easy to understand services that go where people want to go”. The program was designed to improve the productivity of the network, making the customer journey a more positive and user-friendly experience.

To roll-out this program, Metlink needed a partner who could provide expertise and strategic insight into the planning of such scale and complexity; ensuring that information provided to customers and passengers at bus stops, ferry stops and train stations achieved the following objectives:

  • Consistency of information with the other information produced under the Metlink brand.
  • Information that is easily understood by customers and passengers.
  • Operational/service alterations that are cost-effective and easy to install and change.
  • Holistic in what signage and information are appropriate at what location to define the level of service.

An immense wayfinding strategy

Diadem completed Wayfinding Strategy, Concept Design, Design Development, Documentation, and Roll Out and Cost of Change Strategy for Wellington Metlink’s bus, train and ferry services. A train station pilot site was also designed and documented.

The intent was to provide a review, critical observation and recommendations for an integrated public transport information system.

With a focus on customer-driven innovation and whole-of-project lifecycle, we provided Wellington Metlink with a complete solution. Ensuring synergy of the wayfinding information system across bus stops, train stations and ferry to provide an integrated public transport information system.

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