J.P. Morgan sky signs 71

J.P. Morgan is one of 20 sky signs designed by Diadem that adorn the Sydney CBD skyline.

As part of the redevelopment of Westfield Sydney, a new office tower was developed at 85 Castlereagh Street to be the new home of J.P. Morgan and Scentre Group.

85 Castlereagh Street is one of Sydney’s latest office towers. Designed by the highly-acclaimed Melbourne architect John Wardle Architect, the building rewards tenants and visitors with a unique experience that starts on Level 7 with the distinctive ‘sky lobby’.

Premium commercial space

When J.P. Morgan took out signage rights for the building, the developer, Scentre Group’s first choice was in Diadem to complete the complex task.

Having completed the signage strategy for the entire $900M redevelopment of the precinct, Scentre Group invited Diadem to design, document and supervise the successful implementation.

Installation of the east facing sign would prove to be a particular challenge as it would need to gives the appearance of the signs floating above the roofline in front of a collar made of glass.

Design challenge

Diadem loves a good design challenge. That the proposed J’.P. Morgan sign would be placed onto a dramatically angled glass roofline with a glass ‘collar’ was no mean feat. Structural engineering of sky signs is a mandatory exercise and is normally carried out as part of the development approval process. Close coordination between the design and engineer was needed to ensure the very best integration with the building’s architecture.

Prototyping the colour contrast of the site against the western skyline was a priority. The solution involved gaining special permission from J.P. Morgan to adopt white instead of their traditional corporate brown logo.

The successful execution of the J.P. Morgan sky sign is one of 20 sky signs Diadem has implemented across Sydney for leading corporations and one of over 60 across Australia.

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