Interpreting ‘The Dome’ 12

Geelong Library & Heritage Centre
Hold fast the concept, realise a great design, make it happen. Make the impossible, possible.

State of the art inside

The new Geelong Library & Heritage Centre opened in November 2015 as a spectacular addition to Geelong’s architectural and cultural landscape.

At nine storeys tall, this $45.5 million state-of-the-art facility designed by ARM Architecture has a strength on the street that is likely to stick around for a while.

Iconic outside

The construction of the futuristic dome structure was carried out by Kane Construction. This iconic dome is a grand architectural statement seen repeatedly in art and architecture throughout the ages as a representation of democracy, enlightenment and civil society.

The panels, arranged into a hexagonal pattern, allow the building to sit in harmony with the buildings surrounding it. While the identity sign at the prominent front of the building needed to distinctly echo the building’s spectacular prominence and the dome of the building itself.

Making it happen

Translating architectural design intent can be incredibly challenging and interpreting that iconic ‘dome’ design into a hero identity statement was no small feat. Our role was to tackle the challenge and develop what we believe perfectly sums up and satisfies that rich and iconic design intent.


Through our integrated services model, we were able to bring together design, procurement and management disciplines to implement a solution that made a hero statement about the building at street level.

Diadem undertook design development, documentation, procurement and delivery of the hero statement identity sign, followed by the signage, graphics and wayfinding of the centre, working closely with Kane Constructions to meet the project milestones.

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