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Balancing interior design with merchandising, always ensuring the product is the hero. Across 50 stores, as fast as possible.

Household names in eyewear

Italian premium eyewear group Safilo is a global industry leader, citing quality and trust as their key levers for success in the sector. Their superior craftsmanship dates back to 1878, where Safilo began its journey translating designs into excellent products that are brand-driven and inspired by design.

Today, Safilo is a listed company on the Italian stock exchange, distributing their products to nearly 100,000 stores all over the world; supported by four manufacturing plants in Italy and thee abroad in Slovenia, the USA and China.

Safilo’s portfolio carries a number of household names in licensed and proprietary brands. From Carrera and Polaroid to Dior, BOSS, Jimmy Choo, Marc Jacobs, and Tommy Hilfiger to name a few.

Time pressures

We were first introduced to Safilo through Asia Pacific Managing Director, who commissioned us to create two new retail concept stores; allowing for a full appreciation of the best quality product, tailored to the needs of individual brands, for rollout in Hong Kong & China.

Following the success of these stores, Safilo needed additional help in developing a business plan and retail strategy to open an additional 50 stores in Hong Kong and China between 2007 to 2010.

Encouraged by Head Office’s reception to the business plan and strategy, we were charged with rolling out the first three stores in less than three months; Hong Kong Times Square, Causeway Bay, Shanghai.

The urgency was high as construction embargos the 2008 Beijing Olympics, and 2010 Shanghai Expo imposed significant pressures.

Multi-site retail implementation

During the process, we had the opportunity to develop a new brand identity; Eyedonist and retail store for China’s emerging middle-market; which would incorporate an optometrist service into the design.

Focused on making the merchandise the hero at each location, the work required us to develop unique designs with new material finishes and retail fixtures, presenting the correct light in the best possible way for each store; ensuring the interior design didn’t distract from the merchandise.

The rollout included construction, project management and fit out of the stores including store planning and interior design of each of the multiple locations.

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