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Adelaide Convention Centre
The multi-stage development of this project along with the strength of its architecture made a wayfinding solution both important and challenging.

A striking design

Each year the Adelaide Convention Centre runs around 700 individual events, hosting over 200,000 people. The centre employs over 400 people and in 2010, Ernst & Young estimated that the State Government’s investment to create an expanded ACC would generate an additional $1.92 billion in economic benefit over the following 25 years.

So, an expansion was constructed and a further 3,000 square metres of space was added to the complex. Stage one, The West, opening in 2015 and the East in 2017. The striking design was put forward by architects Woods Bagot in association with Larry Oltmanns and took inspiration from the South Australian landscape.

An entire precinct

The entire precinct needed to be integrated and holistic, in harmony with the surrounding architecture and striking designs. The wayfinding solutions needed only minimal branding components so that the promotional signage branding could be prominent while the signage itself still disappeared into the architecture.

A detailed signage and wayfinding solution for both the existing Adelaide Convention Centre buildings and the newly developed buildings within the precinct needed to be developed.

The challenge

Diadem delivered concept design and a branding & wayfinding signage strategy including low-level building identification signage and outdoor digital signage. The solution considered scale, location, illumination, major venue identification, parking signs, vehicular approach, and pedestrian approach also working in consultation with the local council.

The total project scope included wayfinding strategy, signage concepts, journey planning, design development and construction documentation. The ever-changing schedule, with events and functions occurring at various times of day and night, year round added to the complexity of the project.

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