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Goodman Group
An opportunity to do a multi-site, branded, architectural installation – at immense scale – is not something you see every day.

Expanded and enhanced

Goodman had a vision to introduce sculptural installations that could pose as brand statements as well as place-making devices for a selection of key sites around the world.

With creative agency Frost on board to provide the concept direction, Goodman global were out to make a brand statement no-one could ignore.

The Lantern

The concept designs are creatively adventurous and of a scale that warrants specialist design, engineering, procurement and logistics input that only Diadem can provide. The names of the installations are ‘Gateway Arch’, ‘Kinetic Grasses’ and ‘Large Plus’. The three finished designs were approved for development and installation to select properties globally.

As a landmark project with significant risk, the installations project broke new ground for brand building within their sector. The designs were bold and a project of this nature had not been contemplated before. Multiple countries, multiple designs, multiple specialist suppliers; it was an opportunity to cement Goodman as the undoubted leader in their market sector.

The ‘Large Plus’ sculptures in Sydney are 12 metres high and the Pudong ‘Gateway Arch’ is a massive 22 metres high x 29 metres wide.

Diadem’s role

Diadem played a key role in enabling the design of the concepts and realising them as built installations.

Our starting point was a bold concept. At this early stage our project management team developed initial ideas around cladding, structure and supporting supplier information while liaising with Diadem’s design team to flesh out the ideas and develop the design documentation.

Adopting a principled approach, we selected an engineer on Goodman’s behalf for the project based on their approach and thirst for innovation while still maintaining an area of surety. We also developed a prequalification process to review suppliers and carried out the tendering process. As we rolled out the project, the focus shifted to prototyping, managing contractors and working with planners and local planning authorities to gain approvals and deliver the finished solutions.

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